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Stopping a Gutter leak can be a dripping task, as when you fix one leak another appears. Fixing a gutter leak, can be a difficult task (so it seems) as so many people contact us to fix their attempts. Roofix can fix the leak in your Gutters. By using ‘Roofix’, we ensure:

  • The job is done right, first time.
  • Over 20 years trading as professional, certified, insured roofers
  • Commercial track record
  • Residential track record
  • Gutters leak repair is a once off job

We can repair any leak in Gutters. Our roofers are based in Dublin and travel nationwide. Have a look at some of our testimonials. We specialise in all Gutter repairs whether it is a Alumimum Gutter Leak, Cast iron Gutter Leak or PVC gutter leak. We also do: Chimney leak, roof leaks, water leaks, flat roof leaks, slate roof leaks, felt roof leaks or shingle roof leaks. If you need a new roof, contact us.

How to Patch a Gutter Leak

How to Repair Leaking Gutters

When it rains, it pours–right down the side of your house, if you have a leaky gutter. These leaks generally occur at connections between gutter sections or gutters and downspouts. Very old metal gutters (especially steel ones) may corrode all the way through. For all repairs, start with a well-cleaned gutter. Does this Spark an idea?

  • Things You’ll Need
  • Gloves
  • Steel Wool Or Abrasive Pad
  • Utility Knife
  • Putty Knife
  • Caulking Cartridge And Gun
  • Ladder
  • Metal Flashing
  • Metal Snips
  • Asphalt flashing cement and cartridge, or gutter patch


  • To patch a hole, scrub the inside of the gutter around the hole with steel wool or an abrasive pad, using a ladder if necessary.
  • Cut a patch from metal flashing using metal snips. Make the patch a little larger than the corroded area.
  • Using a putty knife, coat the back of the metal patch with asphalt flashing cement (or gutter patch), and press it into place.
  • Smooth any adhesive that oozes out at the edges with a gloved finger.
  • To seal leaks at joints, you can try to clean and caulk, but usually the better approach is to disassemble the gutter as needed to remove the leaking connector. Then clean mating surfaces and caulk as you reassemble. Cut the tip off your caulking cartridge with a utility knife and insert the cartridge into a caulking gun to apply.


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