Felt Roof Repair

Felt Roof Repairing is easy, if you

  • Remember that Felt roof repairsĀ are the most difficult roofs to do where it will stay water proof for a long time.
  • Are certified and trained
  • Have a track record of repairing felt roofs





You can repair a felt roof, but be aware that over 50% of felt roofs that are repaired by someone inexperienced leak before a year. You can contact us to get the job done right in Dublin and surrounding counties.

  • Prepare the foundation. Before laying 30 lb felt on a flat roof make sure the plywood base is in good condition. Any rotten decking should be replaced before laying the felt. All new boards should be coated first with a preservative. Once your roof decking is suitable, you are ready to begin replacing the felt.
  • Remove excess felt, nails, and adhesive before replacing the felt on your flat roof. Allow any wet plywood to dry out. There should be no extra debri of any kind on the decking before you begin.
  • Nail the first layer of felt to the plywood using 20mm galvanised clout nails with large heads spaced every 150mm along the planks. Make sure the felt is straight and flat. Always start nailing in the center of the felt sheet working your way outward towards the edge of the roof. Do not nail on the edge of the roof where the second layer of felt will overlap the first.
  • Paint a layer of adhesive, such as bitumen mastic, over the top of the first felt layer, a length at a time. The second layer of felt is then placed over the top of the first. Do not let the ends join together. There must be an overlap to prevent leaking. Either use a broom, or if the roof is strong enough, walk over the top of the roof felt to get rid of any air bubbles.
  • Cover the roof edges with strips of felt before laying the final layer of roof felt. Remember to allow 50mm of overlap with each piece of felt layed. Paint bitumen mastic over the top of the entire final layer of felt to provide the most waterproofing. To strengthen the surface of your new felt roof cover the surface with gravel, granite, or limestone.

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