Metal Roof Repair

Metal Roof Repair

Stopping a leak in a metal roof, can be a difficult task (so it seems) as so many people contact us to fix their attempts. Roofix can fix the leak in your metal roof / galvanised roof. By using ‘Metal Roof Repair’, we ensure:

  • The job is done right, first time.
  • Over 20 years trading as professional, certified, insured roofers
  • Commercial track record
  • Residential track record

We can repair any leak in a metal roof or any leak in a galvanised roof. Our roofers are based in Dublin and travel nationwide. Have a look at some of our testimonials. We specialise in all roof repairs whether: Chimney leak, roof leaks, water leaks, flat roof leaks, slate roof leaks, felt roof leaks or shingle roof leaks. If you need a new roof, contact us.

Or you can try it yourself, simple solution is:

  • Identify the metal that the roof is made of, and get a piece of the same metal to make a patch.
  • Clean the damaged area with all-purpose cleaner and let it dry, then go over it with a wire brush to remove debris.
  • Cut a patch at least 2 inches larger than the damaged area.
  • Use tin snips to cut the corners off the patch.
  • Fold the edges under about 1/2 inch, and sand the folded parts until they’re shinier than the rest of the patch.Put flux both on the surface to be patched and along the folded edges of the patch.
  • Put the patch into place and weight it with a cinder block or brick.
  • Hold solder to the seam, and use a soldering iron to heat it until it melts and runs under the patch.
  • Follow the patch all the way around with the solder and soldering iron. Try not to leave any open spaces, or the patch will be ineffective.
  • Cut a pair of patches larger than the hole.
  • Coat the roof area with roofing cement.
  • Press one patch over the area and apply another coat of cement.
  • Repeat with the last patch and a final coat of roofing cement.


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